Gominer Cloud Mining Company

Gominer is cloud mining company and ASIC miner distributor based on Canada, founded by a group of experts in blockchain and pioneer in cryptocurrency specially in bitcoin, Gominer is the creator of the famous first multi miner asic machine made from carbon fiber shell housing, the GMX R1-C, this rig can produce 48 TH/s and consumes 1650W of electricity. With Canada’s cold weather, their asic mining machines perform best by keeping their rigs away from high temperature as well as having a great advantage in low electricity fees. Their company use their own mining rigs on their cloud mining services giving them a great advantage on hardware costs. Gominer also have their own mining pool which gives them and the miners another great advantage in mining.

Gominer users have great advantage gaining profits thru their 14-days free electricity fees. (I.E. With the hashrate of 76157.08 GH, it will cost you 202.81 USD, but because of their 14 day electricity, you will save 99.16 USD so you will only have to pay 103.75 instead of 202.81 USD) you may avail 76157.08 GHs for the price of 103.75 USD according on their calculator and get 10.43 USD a day, thanks to the 14 day free electricity.