Gominer Cloud Mining Company Review

Table of Contents:

  • Who is Gominer?
  • Company’s Advantages
  • How to use Their Calculator?
  • Gominer Introductory Video
  • Final Verdict

Who is Gominer?

Who and what are they? Actually doing a research about their company is quite easy because you can find multiple reviews on the internet about them, and if you reside in Canada, you can always find them on cryptocurrency conventions and even read them on articles on Canadian forums. According to our research, Gominer is cloud mining company and ASIC miner distributor based on Ottawa Canada. Founded by a group of experts in blockchain and pioneer in cryptocurrency specially in bitcoin. Gominer is the creator of the first multi-mining ASIC machine that has a carbon fiber shell housing known as the GMX R1-C, this ASIC can produce 48 TH/s while consuming only 1650W of electricity.

Company’s Advantages:

Upon doing some research about them, Gominer can possibly provide good services because they have multiple advantages like:

  • Canada’s Low Electricity Cost
  • Country’s Low Temperature Weather
  • Own Manufactured ASIC miners
  • Own Mining Pool

If you think about Canada’s cold weather, it makes sense that their ASIC mining machines can perform well by keeping their rigs away from high temperature. Also, by checking Canada’s cost of electricity, we found out that Canada has a very cheap electricity cost giving this company a great advantage in mining cryptocurrencies.

Their company also stated that they use their own mining rigs on their cloud mining services giving them a great advantage on hardware costs compared on purchasing hundreds or even thousand of asic miners on other company.

Gominer also have their own mining pool which gives them an advantage to maximize and boost their mining capabilities to easily solve a block. Also, we are not sure at the moment if they will offer their mining pool to other miners that is not using a Gominer made ASIC.

How to use Gominer Calculator?

Gominer users have an advantage to gain more profits thru their 14-days free electricity fees. According on my own understanding. (I.E. With the hashrate of 76157.08 GH, it will cost you 202.81 USD, but because of their 14 day electricity, you will save 99.16 USD so you will only have to pay 103.75 instead of 202.81 USD) In short, you may avail 76157.08 GHs for the price of 103.75 USD and get 10.43 USD a day according to their calculator, thanks to the 14 day free electricity. This calculation is only an estimate so rewards or profits may vary according to the value of cryptocurrency affected by crypto volatility.

(image source: gominer.co)
  1. Free electricity toggle button – be sure to switch this on when calculating for the first time.
  2. Hashpower cost minus the 14 days electricity cost – upon switching the free electricity switch, the price of the electricity will be automatically deducted on the total price.
  3. Total Hashpower to be purchased – in the screenshot, 76157.08 hashpower costs 104.27 USD.
  4. Estimate (GT) Gotoken rewards per day – so you may earn 7646.14 GT a day which is equivalent to 10.43 USD a day by investing 104.27 USD.

Gominer Introductory Video

Final Verdict:

First thing that i do when i want to invest in a certain investment companies like this is their offer, if their offer is too good to be true, that will give me a great doubt and will lead me to not invest anymore. In my humble opinion, their services are very possible so i will give this company a go.

  • Legitimacy – 9/10
  • Services – 8/10
  • User friendly – 8/10

Upon doing a research which is written above and extra research that i did not include here, i found that this company is legitimate.

In terms of their services, their services are unique and very possible. one thing that only confuse me at first is their calculator because this is the first time i have seen a calculator for multi-mining.

User Friendliness, their website is easy to use and one thing that i love the most is their social media platform where you can add friends, chat, post and ETC.

Thank you for reading, I will be writing a review of another cloud mining company soon.

2 thoughts on “Gominer Cloud Mining Company Review

  1. thank you for the review and the clear explanation, i’ve been looking for a good cloud mining company that offers ICO and found gominer because of your post, this is a good opportunity to invest my money. Actually i am choosing between hashing24 and gominer and you helped me choose better, so ill choose this one.

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