Gominer Company Review

Gominer Cloud Mining Company Review

What Is Gominer?

Gominer is a cloud mining company that offers blockchain services such as cloud mining service and Staking. This company is a tough competitor of Genesis Mining, Hashflare and Hashing24. The company is identified by people as “unique cloud mining company” because of its features such as multi-mining and their token.

Multi-Mining and Token

  • Multi mining is a unique feature of Gominer, meaning, you will be mining multiple coins at the same time like BTC, LTC, DASH and more. Their system automatically selects the most profitable coins at the moment mines it, while if a certain coin value drops, the system will automatically search for another profitable coin to protect the miners from crypto volatility. Therefore, this feature will give miners a stable profit.
  • Token – Gominer uses a token as the medium of all the services and function of their company. The token is called GT or Gotoken or Gominer Token. You can use it on their services such as cloud mining, staking and exchange. The token is also transferable on other Gominer users.

Where is the company located?

The company is located on Ottawa, Canada. This company has great advantages with their location because Canada has a very cold climate which helps a lot in mining cryptocurrencies. Why? Cryptocurrency ASIC miners has 2 main disadvantages which are

  • High Electricity Consumption
  • Extreme Heat Producers

These 2 disadvantages are extremely minimized because of their company’s location. Their cold climate helped their ASIC miners to keep cold most of the time because of their environtment. Also, There is a fact that Canada is one of the cheapest electricity provider in the world.

Core Services of Gominer

Cloud Mining

This is the main service that this company offers. Purchasing a mining contract on gominer gives you an advantage to mine multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Zcash, Litecoin and more. You must use your token to earn in theeir cloud mining service. Tokens can be obtained in their 7 rounds of token selling and and after the last round, the company will not be selling any tokens anymore, the only hope that the new investors are purchasing the tokens from the exchange platform where existing token holders lists their tokens for new token buyers.


This method is where you will be investing your tokens for 14 days and you will receive a percentage of your investment token everyday, the company gives 2% daily investment profits on staking. However, every staking locks your investment for 14 days, after that, you can now claim your full investments and your earnings. In short. If you invest 100 tokens, you will earn 28 tokens after 14 days.

Gominer ASIC miner, GMX R1-C

This mining rig has the latest and most advanced technology that can compete with the top ASIC miners available in the market today such as bitmain, innosilicon, Baikal and more. The ASIC miner can mine multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time but can also mine single cryptocurrency as well. The ASIC miner can produce 48 TH/s while consumes 1650W of electricity. You can also notice that the ASIC miner’s body is made out of pure dry carbon fiber which gives the mining rig additional durability, lightness and good looks. The GMX R1-C can be found on multiple online store such as amazon and other online stores that sell ASIC miners like rigsrepublic.com. Here is a video of the said ASIC miner.


Based on the research that i have done, the company has multiple advantages, however, they also have disadvantages that can be minimized by practice. The disadvantage that i am talking about is their token system, at first its a little bit hard to understand for new users but with a little guide and study, you will be impressed by its usage and those are the advantages that i saw, the multiple earning methods you can take advantage of at their company which are, cloud mining, staking, exchange and referral.

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  1. Yeah, I’m here at Canada and i saw there office. Their staff is friendly, ill be back soon if they already announce their ICO launching.

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