Gominer Less Than 5 Days to Go

What is Gominer?

Gominer is a cloud mining company from Ottawa Canada that gives cryptocurrency services like cloud mining investment and token staking. This company also sells cryptocurrency mining machine called the Gominer GMX R1-C which is the first ASIC miner that features a carbon fibre structure that makes the asic miner more durable, lighter and heat proof. The asic miner can also mine different cryptocurrencies at a time. The company has been patronized by multiple people on cryptocurrency world and also been judged by people but proven wrong by the company that made them more famous.

Token selling Countdown

According thru their website, Gominer will be selling their tokens on September 20, 2019. The tokens are used on their services such as cloud mining, staking and more. Earnings may vary depending on investment options such as. Cloud mining – You can earn up to 10% of your total investment a day for 14 days and 3% of your total investment a day after 14 days. Staking – You can earn a percentage of 2% a day of your total investment a day and will increase up to 4% per day of your total investment a day by continuous staking.

You can also earn by using other methods and even earn without investing by using their bounty / referral system.

On my own opinion

Their soon to be launched token selling is good news for investors including myself and specially for people who live in Canada that has been waiting for their services to open for a really long time. Gominer has a high chance of being successful according to the articles, blogs and reviews that I have read and from the cryptocurrency news and forums as well. Let us wait and see.

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