Legit Check On Gominer Cloud Mining

Table of Contents

  1. What is Gominer?
  2. Token Based Cloud Mining
  3. Unique Features
  4. Conclusion

1. What is Gominer?

Gominer is a token based cryptocurrency company based on Ottawa, Canada that offers cryptocurrency services such as cloud mining, the company is rated as one of the most trusted cloud mining service provider available today. backed up by The company has an upcoming ICO that people of cryptocurrency industry are waiting for.

2. Token Based Cloud Mining

Gominer is a token based cloud mining company, meaning, a token will be used in all services that the company provides. The token has multiple usage, you can use it for:

  • Cloud mining – Your token will be converted into hashpower that will be used in cloud mining
  • Staking – Tokens will be staked and token owners will recieve an amount of profit each day for 14 days
  • Exchange – This platform will be implemented after the final token selling round. Here, you can sell your tokens to other users by listing your tokens with the price you want. Same concept with amazon or ebay.
  • Purchase Products – You can use your tokens to buy products or services online from Gominer partner companies.

3. Unique Features

While doing some research from this company, i discovered that they have unique features that is new from the cloud mining industry such as:

  • Multi Mining – Gominer features multi mining on their cloud mining service where miners will mine multiple coins such as bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin and more.
  • Exchange – Just like i mentioned from above, this is where you can sell your tokens with the desired price of your choice. Investors that bought tokens the earliest has the biggest advantage on this feature because the price of the token is very cheap during early token selling round.
  • Mobile Application – A mobile application developed by gominer for android can be downloaded on google play. Also, the company mentioned that an app for iOS will be available soon.
  • Desktop Application – You can also download an application for windows on their website at the app page.
  • Social Media Platform – Gominer developed a social media platform that every user can use to connect on each other.

4. Conclusion

I kind of like the way that the company has number of unique features and multiple investment options that you can use depending on your strategy. Actually, its really hard to choose which option to choose because all 3 options has different advantage and disadvantages.

In cloud mining, you may earn 1-10% of your investment a day but it all depends on the value of the coin you are mining, so the income is not stable. However, multi-mining protects investors from crypto volatility by mining multiple coins at once.

Staking will provide you a fixed income of 2% of your investment a day for straight 14 days. So whatever the value of the coins is, low or high, your income will never change.

Thru Exchange platform, your investments may be multiplied by 5 by buying tokens as early as possible because the price of the tokens are cheapest during the earliest token selling round. For example, lets imagine that this is the value of the tokens:


  • 1st round – 1 USD
  • 2nd round – 2 USD
  • 3rd round – 3 USD
  • 4th round – 4 USD
  • 5th round – 5 USD
  • 6th round – 6 USD
  • 7th round – 7 USD

The value of the token increases per round, in the end of 7th round, the company will not sell tokens anymore. Now, new investors can only buy tokens from other users on exchange. So, you bought 1 token on 1st round for 1 USD, after the 7th round you can now sell you token for 7 USD. So, your token was multiplied by 7. In short, your 1 dollar became 7 dollars and you easily earned 6 dollars.

(This is only an explaination, the real price of the tokens are different)

If you are going to ask me which option i like the best, then my answer is Cloud mining and staking. Your best option to get great profits is to get tokens as early as possible.

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