Hashflare has been around the crypto world since 2013, they offer multiple hashpowers such as the most famous, the SHA-256 which mines bitcoins and scrypt that mines Litecoin and zcash. You can also choose you own mining pool when mining at hashflare so your profit may depend on your mining pool. Hashflare is transparent about their service fees which are 0.005 USD per 1 MH/s of scrypt a day and 0.0035 USD per 10 GH/s of SHA 256 per day.


#2 Hashing24 According to their website, hashing24 has been founded since 2012. Their company is partnered with bitfury that provides them with hashpower and data centers, bitfury stated that hashing24 is teamed up with them so you are assured that their services are legit. They offer a demo mode so you may have an idea on how much you may earn or how to use their service and how their services work as well. Hashing24 charges a fixed service fee of 0.00033 per Gh/s a day which is a great thing.


#1 Genesis mining There is no doubt that Genesis mining is the best cloud mining service provider of all time as it is legit and mentioned from a lot of news, companies, and etc. they have been serving miners since 2013. They offer a lot of major cryptocurrency mining contracts such as bitcoin, etherium, Litecoin and etc. when it comes to fees, genesis mining charges 0.14 TH/s a day for bitcoin. These rices may change so we suggest that you inquire from them directly.

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