Top 3 cloud mining service provider as of 2019

Genesis Mining

Genesis mining company has been founded in the year of 2013, rated as the most stable and trusted cloud mining service provider for today, A company located Reykjavik, Iceland, the location’s cold climate helps their machines to operate in good condition. You can mine different altcoins in genesis mining such as bitcoin, dashcoin, etherium, monero and etc. Their services rates starts at 77$ and will get you 2.5 TH/s for a 9 month contract, with a fixed maintenance fee of 0.099 USD per TH/s a day.


Hashing24 is a cloud mining company based on Dublin, this company have been in the world of blockchain business since 2012. As of now, Bitfury is the one supplying hashing24 company the mining power they need for them to operate in crypto mining business. Hashing24 have 2 types of mining contracts, one contract that charges a very low fee but has a maintenance fee and another contract that has a higher charge but doesn’t have a maintenance fee. Their cloud mining contract usually starts at minimum 2.60 USD that will give you 100GH/s but charges 0.00014 per GH/s per day for the cheaper version and the higher version will cost you 8.40 USD but you will not have any maintenance fee at all, this one may be good for the long term.


Gominer Company is cloud mining company and ASIC miner distributor based on Canada, founded by a group of experts in blockchain and pioneer in cryptocurrency, Gominer is the creator of the first multi miner asic machine made from carbon fiber shell housing, the GMX R1-C. With their country’s weather, their asic mining machines perform on its best keeping their rigs away from high temperature. They use their own rigs on their cloud mining services, and have their own mining pool which makes them outstand the most these days. They offer the shortest contract we saw so far with only 14 days, you may avail 23252.23 GH/s for the price of 31.83 USD according on their calculator and get 3.18 USD a day on your first 14 days because maintenance cost is free on the first 14 days.

Information stated on this article are based on their website and may change without prior notice so you must check their websites carefully before availing their services.

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