Upcoming ICO Gominer Cloud Mining company are they scam?

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  • Website Info
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Honestly, its a bit too early to judge this company as of now because they are still on their operation countdown at the moment so I can’t say if it’s a scam or not. But in my humble opinion, no individual can say if it’s a scam as long as you haven’t researched about it or even tried their services. So basically, the best option is by visiting it their website and doing some research about them. You can easily find information about their company on different websites such as facebook, twitter, reddit and even trust websites and blogs. There are some posts stating that this company is a scam but doesn’t have evidences to support their accusations that it is a scam.

Blogger’s Opinion

As an experienced blogger, all i can say is there will always be a negative opinion or bashers that will try to take you down but the most important thing is they will keep and do their services well.

Website Information

You can visit their website at https://gominer.co so you can judge it yourself

Blogger’s Publishing Infomation

This post is published to prove that Gominer is a scam or legit but only to inform the readers that it is not easy to make a profit in cryptocurrency, specially in bitcoin, there will always be a risk.

As most of successful people always say “high risk means high return”

Here are some screenshots of their website.


This is their calculator

Gominer Cloud Mining

Gominer company has its own multi algorithm such as SIA Coin, Zash , DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin etc. And this company also has their own Asic called GMX R1-C and the latest technology in Asic industry. This company has its transparency as you can see on their website.

Company Video on Youtube

Asic Miner on Youtube

Blogger Conclusion

As of now, all we can do is wait for the day of their opening so that we can quickly judge if they are scam or legit. Legitimacy of Gominer company services as of now is still unknown but talking about the company’s legitimacy, we can surely say that it is legitimate.

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  1. Do you think when will GMX R1-C will be available in the market? I already sold may old rigs for this! can you please message me? Ahoy!

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