What is Mining Pool?

What is mining pool? mining pool is the pooling of hashpower by the miners that share their hashpower to a network and split the block reward and distribute to each other according to the amount of work that they have done. The difficulty for mining a block gets harder as time goes by, specially when you are mining alone so they came up to the solution of making a mining pool where miners help each other to solve a block faster.
In this topic, we will give you a list of top mining pools that you may join to maximize your mining profitability.

BTC.com – A mining pool from china that mined 15% of all the blocks

Slush – A mining pool that currently mines 11% of all the blocks

GMX Pool – A mining pool from Gominer company that created the GMX R1-C.

Antpool – The mining pool from bitmain that created the antminers

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